Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria apply to all applications for EnableNSW services:

  • the person is a permanent resident of NSW, or a refugee residing in NSW;
  • the person has a permanent or long-term disability (i.e. a disability likely to last more than 12 months regardless of the cause of the disability);
  • the person has long-term assistive technology needs that have stabilised and allow them to remain in a community setting;
  • the person has not received compensation or damages in respect of the disability for which the assistive technology device or support is required;
  • and the person is not eligible to receive the assistive technology under any other government-funded program.

Financial Criteria

As a service directed to people who are financially disadvantaged, access to EnableNSW is means tested for adults for most categories of assistive technology. Children up to the age of 16 years with a long-term disability are eligible for EnableNSW, regardless of parental income.

The EnableNSW income bands for all assistive technology devices, except prosthetic limbs, are based on the former PADP income bands and allowances, with adjustments for increases in the Australian Consumer Price Index since December 1998. No changes have been made to the level of consumer copayments.

The EnableNSW income bands for prosthetic limbs remain the same as the previous criteria for the Prosthetic Limb Service.

Income Bands and Consumer Co-payments

Table 1: EnableNSW Income Bands for all assistive technology devices except for prosthetic limbs

Banding   Consumer co-payment  
   Band 1 –
Adults on full pension and children under
16 years  
   $100 each year accessing
   Band 2 – up to
$42,000 (single) or
$70,000 (couple)
+ $2,100 per dependent  
   $100 each year accessing
   Band 3 – above
$42,000 (single) or
$70,000 (couple)
+ $2,100 per dependent  
   20% of devices costing
$800 and above.
N.B. Consumers in Band 3 are not
eligible for devices under $800.  

Table 2: EnableNSW Income Bands for prosthetic limbs

Banding   Consumer co-payment  
   Band 1 –
Persons holding a valid Pensioner Concession
Card, a valid Health Care Card or a valid
Commonwealth Seniors Health Card  
   Band 2 –
All persons not holding valid Pensioner
Concession Card, a valid Health Care Card or a
valid Commonwealth Seniors Health Card  
   15% of the scheduled cost
of the provision,
maintenance and repair of
prostheses up to a
maximum of $200 per
financial year.  

Validation of Income Band

An applicant's income band is to be verified by the production of:

  • A statement of full pension entitlement from Centrelink; or
  • Copy of a Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card; or
  • A valid Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Notice of Assessment for the preceding financial year.
Discretion may be applied in instances where an ATO Notice of Assessment is not available, for example, for some 16 year olds who have yet to be assessed and for newly-arrived migrants or refugees. Consumers who are over 16 years of age and are applying for assistive technology devices other than prosthetic limbs are required to submit a valid ATO Notice of Assessment to establish access to the appropriate income band, including:
  • Applicants with taxable incomes who are part-pensioners;
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card holders; and
  • Self-funded retirees.
Applicants who do not provide verification of income will be considered as a Band 3 consumer. 
Career opportunities at EnableNSW

Career Opportunities

EnableNSW welcomes interested people to apply for vacant positions. For information regarding HealthShare Careers and to apply for vacant positions go to HealthShare NSW Careers