Statewide Paediatric Equipment for Children (6 years of age and under)

EnableNSW has a small range of items available for children 6 years of age and under. The range and size of equipment available varies at any point in time, depending on demand. The equipment consists of newly purchased items and equipment returned to EnableNSW, that has been refurbished to 'like new'condition.

Delivery is available statewide and a trial is not required.

Note : This is not a loan pool and equipment is provided for long term use only.

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Requesting Statewide Paediatric equipment from the Equipment Catalogue 

1) A new web-based catalogue for Equipment Allocation Program was launched February 2016 and the equipment included in the Statewide Paediatric Program has been added.

2) Go to to look up available items.

3) Go to the Statewide Paediatric Program icon

4) Download the Stock Equipment Request Form (ERF) which is located under the heading ‘Forms’

5) Save your ERF

6) Log in to to place your order 

7) Attach your ERF (as equipment cannot be ordered if you skip this step) through the checkout process

8) A EnableNSW Consumer Application Form is also required and co-payment applies.


What happens if an item is not available?

A wait list will be created and items will be allocated based on the date that the request was received.

What happens when a child has outgrown the equipment or it is no longer suitable?

As children may outgrow equipment while an item is still in good condition, it is expected that all equipment is returned to EnableNSW when a replacement item is provided, in order to replenish and reallocate the supply.
Please encourage parents to contact EnableNSW to organise pick up of the equipment when it is no longer required.

Whom should I contact for further information?

You can contact EnableNSW on 1800 362 253.
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