Equipment delivery

Please ensure signed delivery dockets are kept to prevent any delay in payment. If you encounter any issues upon delivery, please let us know as soon as possible.

Equipment repairs and maintenance

Suppliers for the repair and maintenance of equipment are selected taking into account a number of factors, including warranty periods, consumer preference, history of previous repair work, cost effectiveness, geographic location and coverage.

Invoices for repairs and maintenance work are managed directly by us through the Procurement Cards (PCards) system. Invoices for this work should be sent to (Attention: Finance), not to Accounts Payable.

With the exception of several items (detailed below), EnableNSW accepts repair requests from consumers and places repairs with suppliers during business hours. Once placed, repairs costing under $500 do not require approval to proceed. Repairs costing between $500 and $800 require verbal approval over the phone to proceed. Any repairs over $800 require a formal quote for approval before proceeding.

Outside of business hours, consumers may place emergency repairs directly with a supplier. In this case the consumer and supplier should let EnableNSW know as soon as possible the next business day in order to arrange payment.

Repairs and maintenance of the following items may be arranged directly with suppliers at any time:

  • prosthetic limbs (minor repairs only, major repairs require a script)
  • oxygen concentrators and cylinders, and
  • feeding pumps.
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