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For NDIS Participants

If you are eligible for the NDIS, funding responsibility for your equipment (including repairs, maintenance and consumables) will move to the NDIS.

However, if you would like to continue using us, EnableNSW is a Registered Provider to the NDIS and can continue to support you with a variety of services.

Preparing for your NDIS planning meeting

We recommend you make sure any equipment on EnableNSW waiting lists, consumable orders and a repairs budget for your existing equipment is included in your NDIS Plan, along with a budget for the required services.

Please contact us before your NDIS planning meeting so we can provide you with all the necessary information to take with you.

To request this information please email us at

This will ensure funding for outstanding equipment, including funding for repairs and maintenance of that equipment, is included in your NDIS Plan.

Equipment coordination

EnableNSW is a registered provider to the NDIA and can continue to provide co-ordination of equipment supports approved in your NDIS Plan (for example placing orders for new equipment, ordering consumable products or contacting suppliers to arrange repairs).

We simply need to be included as a supplier in your NDIS Plan, along with a budget for the required services.

To discuss using EnableNSW as a provider, please call us on 1800 362 253.

If you already use EnableNSW, nominating us as a provider means minimal disruption to the process you are already used to. The only difference is that the funding for the services will come from the NDIS, not EnableNSW.

Specialist Prosthetic and Orthotic Services

Our Albury and Hunter Prosthetic and Orthotic Services deliver orthotic and prosthetic patient care, products and services to help people achieve their goals.

They provide people with innovative clinical solutions, including:


The design, fabrication and fit of a prosthesis (artificial limb) that replaces a limb for a person who has a congenital limb deficiency or who has lost a limb from trauma or disease. This includes component choice and socket design, and regular maintenance reviews across all activity levels.


Assessment, fabrication and fit of customised and pre-fabricated orthotics to:

  • Control alignment (often with the aim of preventing a deformity occurring)
  • Increase mobility
  • Increase independence
  • Protect and support a healing injury or recent surgery
  • Assist rehabilitation
  • Minimise pain.


Assisting in the selection of correct footwear (extra depth/width) for a person’s condition, or working with a specialist boot maker for those who need customised footwear to meet individual needs.

Albury Prosthetic and Orthotics Service
Reservoir Road, Lavington NSW 2641
Phone: (02) 6041 0100

Hunter Prosthetic and Orthotics Service
The Limb Centre, John Hunter Hospital
Lookout Road, New Lambton NSW 2305
Phone: (02) 4921 4151