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Exceptional circumstances

Please be aware that the eligibility criteria for consideration of exceptional circumstances will be reviewed periodically and may change dependent upon demand and available budget. Any updates will be provided on this page.

Information for prescribers

In exceptional circumstances, discretion may be exercised by the Manager, EnableNSW to approve an application that otherwise does not meet the eligibility criteria, specifically where:

  • Their application does not fit into existing EnableNSW pathways of accessing support, and
  • There is a lengthy delay in funding for necessary aids and equipment from other sources, and avenues to secure funding have been exhausted, and
  • This delay has a demonstrable health impact on the person, their carer/s and/or the health system more broadly, and
  • The request meets EnableNSW funding criteria.

If approved, standard aids and equipment are typically provided as a one-off supply.

Please note that consideration of exceptional circumstances is subject to available funds and demonstrable health impacts.

Health impacts

Health impacts include prevention or management of illness or injury for the person or their carer, or prevention or reduction of their contact with the health system.

Typical health impacts could include increased risk of falls or pressure injuries, potential for carer injury, infections, breakdown in family or care networks, or personal isolation due to living alone with minimal support.

Health impacts could also be related to a high risk of hospital re-admission or extended length of hospital stay.

In general, please note that EnableNSW programs cannot replace hospital loan pools and/or facilitate equipment for discharge. However, we understand that some people or health facilities may have extenuating circumstances and in some instances we may be able to provide contract or standard items available through the EnableNSW Equipment Centre. Please call us to discuss these circumstances and requirements.

Applications and requirements

Prescribers should call EnableNSW on 1800 362 253 in the first instance to discuss a person's exceptional circumstances.

Please be prepared to provide us with information about:

  • the person’s condition,
  • any associated health impacts as a result of a delay in securing aids and equipment,
  • what you think is required to fill the aids and equipment gap, and
  • what steps have already been taken to try and secure this assistance from other sources.

If your request can be considered further, we will provide you with the appropriate documentation for completion. This will include any relevant Equipment Request Form (ERF) to be completed by an eligible prescriber in accordance with EnableNSW clinical criteria.

Prescribers should email completed forms to for the request to be considered.

Further information

Further information is available by emailing or by calling 1800 362 253.

Consideration of exceptional circumstances - fact sheet (PDF)