Specialised Equipment for Discharge

The Specialised Equipment Essential for Discharge (SEED) Program is a NSW Health equipment program administered by EnableNSW. The program provides essential equipment for discharge to eligible people with a newly sustained spinal injury or acquired brain injury.

Eligibility for the SEED program

To be eligible for funding through the SEED program, an applicant needs to meet the eligibility criteria for EnableNSW including:

  • Living in NSW with confirmation of a discharge destination to a community setting
  • Enrolled in Medicare
  • A person is ineligible if they are being discharged to a Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) or another hospital, rehabilitation setting, or another state or territory
  • Not be eligible to receive equipment through any other government funded program.

In addition, the applicant must meet the specific SEED clinical eligibility criteria:

  • Diagnosis of a newly sustained spinal cord injury or acquired brain injury:
    • a permanent condition (not temporary or likely to resolve)
    • this being the primary reason for the admission to the inpatient/rehabilitation facility.
  • Inpatient of one of the following NSW Public Hospital inpatient rehabilitation facilities:
    • Adult services
      • Prince of Wales Hospital Spinal Cord Injury
      • Royal North Shore Hospital Spinal Cord Injury Service
      • Spinal Injury Unit, Royal Rehab, Ryde
      • Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program Westmead Hospital
      • Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program Liverpool Hospital
      • Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program Royal Rehab, Ryde
    • Paediatric services
      • Service o Sydney Children’s Hospital
      • The Children’s Hospital at Westmead
      • John Hunter Hospital
    • OR

      A person who is currently an inpatient of another NSW Public Hospital inpatient rehabilitation facility may be considered for the SEED program, if the person is receiving input from one of the following specialist services:
      • Rural and regional Brain Injury Rehabilitation Programs
      • State Spinal Cord Injury Service (SSCIS) Spinal Outreach Service
      • Regional Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Services (Hunter or Port Kembla Hospital).

Applicants who are inpatients of an interstate specialist facility may be considered for eligibility for the SEED Program if they meet the first three criteria. People ineligible for SEED may seek assistance through the EnableNSW Aids and Equipment Program.

Application process

The application process requires submission of an EnableNSW Application Form and supporting documentation, a letter or email, from the specialist service, which outlines how the person meets the SEED eligibility criteria. EnableNSW will review the application and advise the applicant and clinical service in writing of the outcome of the application.

Equipment available

  1. Equipment that is available through the SEED program includes:
    • A primary mobility aid for example, a manual wheelchair or power wheelchair
    • Positioning equipment for example, a wheelchair backrest, height adjustable bed
    • Transfer equipment for example, a mobile hoist or slide board
    • Bathing equipment for example, mobile shower commode
    • Pressure care equipment for example, pressure care cushion, pressure care mattress.

EnableNSW stock equipment through the Equipment Allocation Program (EAP) is to be considered in the first instance.

  1. Equipment requests submitted by prescribers must meet the eligibility and clinical criteria for each category of equipment funded through the program.


The application process requires the applicant to advise EnableNSW if they are considering seeking compensation in relation to their condition. This will not impact on their eligibility, however, in the event that a compensation claim is successful, the person will be required to reimburse NSW Health for cost of  equipment provided through SEED, including a 13% administration fee.


There is a co-payment for accessing most services through EnableNSW. The co-payment for adults on a pension or low income and for children under 16 years, is $100 in each year that assistance is provided. For adults on higher incomes, assistance is available for items over $800 and a person is required to make a co-payment of 20% of the cost of the device (when accessing stock equipment through the EAP, this copayment is reduced to $100).

Maintenance and repairs

EnableNSW is responsible for maintenance and reasonable repairs to equipment it has funded and can be contacted via email or telephone to arrange this.