Repairs and Maintenance

Requesting repairs

Who to contact

EnableNSW provides funding for servicing and reasonable repairs to items supplied by us. Please see the below table for guidance about who to contact for repairs.

Equipment TypeExamples Who to call
Prosthetic limbs Upper and lower prosthesis Your prosthetic service provider
Home oxygen devices Oxygen concentrators
Oxygen cylinders
Supplier of the machine. See sticker on device for phone provider
Other respiratory devices CPAP*
Suction units
Heated humidifiers

*Please note we may need to confirm your pressure settings with your prescriber

T: 1800 362 253
Mon - Fri 9am-5pm
Communication Speech generating devices
Blindness and low vision aids
T: 1800 362 253
Mon - Fri 9am-5pm
Mobility Manual wheelchairs
Power wheelchairs
Walking frames
Power lift chairs
Footwear and orthoses
T: 1800 362 253
Mon - Fri 9am-5pm
Self-care Showering and toileting items
Beds and mattresses
Environmental control systems
T: 1800 362 253
Mon - Fri 9am-5pm
Self-care Feeding pumps Supplier of your device

Requesting a repair through EnableNSW

Repairs may be requested by a person who has equipment from EnableNSW, a member of their family, a carer or a prescriber. Requests can be made either online or by telephone.

To request a repair online:

  • Log onto the relevant (consumer or prescriber) dashboard.
consumer dashboard
prescriber dashboard

To use the consumer dashboard you will need to enter a full name, date of birth and Consumer Eligibility (CE) number (found at the top of all EnableNSW letters).

To use the prescriber dashboard you will need your Department of Health (DOH) sign in details; the consumer’s full name and date of birth.

  • Once logged into the dashboard:
    • Click the ‘Equipment’ tab
    • Locate the item that requires repair
    • Select ‘Repair’ from the drop down list
    • Click ‘Go’.

Please note that the status must be showing the item as delivered before a repair can be requested on-line. If the status is not marked as delivered, please request the repair via telephone.

  • Complete the on-line form ensuring you have the information required including the reason for repair, repair address and contact details.

To request a repair via phone:

Contact EnableNSW on 1800 362 253, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (excluding public holidays), and select the option for repairs. You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Person’s details
  • Reason for repair
  • Repair address
  • Contact details
  • Availability of a back-up item / plan.

What repairs are provided?

  • EnableNSW provides funding for regular servicing and reasonable repairs to equipment supplied by us whilst the item is cost-effective to repair
  • Damage that is the result of normal wear and tear
  • If you are travelling interstate, repairs are available within Australia for most items; contact EnableNSW to confirm if a repair can be arranged in your location. We recommend ensuring your equipment is in good working order and investigate repairer options as part of planning your trip.

What repairs are not provided?

  • Repairs to items when a person is no longer eligible for assistance through EnableNSW
  • Repairs outside of Australia
  • Damage that has occurred as a result of misuse, neglect or unreasonable use
  • Secondary mobility items (e.g. when a power wheelchair is the primary item, the previously provided manual wheelchair is no longer repaired)
  • Upgraded items or features that are outside EnableNSW funding criteria and are part funded by EnableNSW with other funding contributed
  • Repairs on privately owned equipment unless adopted by EnableNSW for maintenance
  • After hours repairs (except in emergency situations)
  • Repairs to: CPAP masks, wigs and compression garments

You may choose to self-fund these repairs or speak to your prescriber regarding alternative funding options.