Ownership of Devices and Interstate Portability

Ownership of Devices

Most devices issued through EnableNSW remain the property of NSW Health. Consumers are expected to return devices issued through EnableNSW when the devices are no longer required or being used.
NB: exceptions include prosthetic limbs, orthotic devices and special footwear which become the property of the consumer.

Change of Address

Consumers are required to notify the EnableNSW Service Centre of any change of address within NSW or to another State so that EnableNSW can update its records and negotiate transfer of ongoing responsibility for repairs and maintenance of devices.

Interstate Portability

Consumers planning to move interstate should notify EnableNSW in writing and request that their assistive technology be transferred to the other state's aids and equipment scheme or to their ownership.

EnableNSW will not be responsible for ongoing repairs or maintenance for assistive technology devices taken interstate. EnableNSW will not pay the freight costs for assistive technology to be taken outside of NSW.

In the event that a person moves interstate/overseas prior to their requested assistive technology being provided, EnableNSW will cancel the order/delivery of the requested device.

When an eligible person moves into NSW, EnableNSW will fund repairs and maintenance of assistive technology provided interstate where the device is consistent with the EnableNSW Prescription and Provision Guidelines.

If a person moving into NSW has outstanding applications to the equipment scheme in their state/territory of origin, EnableNSW will take into account the original application date to the interstate scheme when an application for the device is submitted to EnableNSW.

Moving Interstate - Aids and Equipment