Beds and mattresses FAQ

What items are available through the NSW Government Contract 819 Beds, Mattresses, Cots & Accessories?

The items on this contract which are provided by EnableNSW include:

  • Home and Community Beds
  • Non Powered Mattresses
  • Powered Mattresses

A Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is available here.

Am I required to prescribe an item from contract?

EnableNSW is required to utilise government contracts as directed by the NSW Procurement Board: PBD-2012-02 Whole of Government Contracts. Where possible it is expected you choose an item from contract to meet a person’s needs.

What are some of the benefits in using contracts?

  • Significant savings from contracted items allow us to help more people across the state within the available budget.
  • Items on contract have undergone rigorous safety and quality checks to ensure high safety standards are met and to ensure the item is cost effective.
  • ­Trials can be arranged with the contract supplier for those people who live outside the stock delivery area
  • Quotes are not required for contract equipment. You are required to provide the name of the product and supplier product code for all requests. These codes can be found on the QRG.

What are the different pathways for requesting items through contract?

  • If the person lives within the stock delivery area, you should request equipment through the Equipment Allocation Program (EAP)
  • If the person does not live within the stock area and/or there is no clinically suitable item available through the Equipment Allocation Program (EAP), an item from contract should be considered.
  • If the person does not live in the stock area and there is no clinically suitable item available from the contract, an item off contract may be considered. It is important you discuss this with an EnableNSW Clinical Advisor before submitting a request.

What forms do I need to complete?

The form you complete will depend on the pathway you are requesting equipment.

  • If the person lives in the stock delivery area a stock equipment request form (SERF) must be completed
  • If the person lives outside the stock delivery area and an item on contract is suitable, an equipment request form (ERF) should be competed
  • If you have been approved to prescribe an item off contract, an ERF (relevant to the equipment type) should be completed and submitted with a quote from the supplier.

When needed, please access the form directly from our website to ensure you are using the correct version and to avoid any unnecessary delays.