Wheelchairs and scooters for community access

Mobility equipment for people who are not fulltime wheelchair users but who require a wheelchair or scooter for outdoor or community access is provided through the EnableNSW Equipment Allocation Program (EAP).

Power wheelchairs for independent use, for people living in Residential Aged Care Facilities, are also provided in this way.

Prescribers should not request a trial with a supplier for these items. EnableNSW will arrange for the item to be delivered by a supplier with the prescriber present. The prescriber will assess whether the item meets the person’s mobility needs and that the person is able to use the equipment in a safe and appropriate manner in their environment.

If the assessment is successful, the supplier will leave the equipment in place and a $100 co-payment will then apply.

Please note that the range of wheelchairs and scooters available may vary at any point in time. If equipment is unavailable at the time of the request, a wait list will be created and items will be allocated based on the date that the request was received.

Wheelchair requests

To request a wheelchair, prescribers should:

Scooter requests

To request a scooter, prescribers should: