Aids and Equipment Program (AEP)

Assistive technology for communication, mobility and self-care is provided through the Aids and Equipment Program (formerly known as PADP).

Eligibility for EnableNSW

To be eligible for assistance from EnableNSW, applicants must:

  • be residing in NSW or Lord Howe Island
  • be enrolled with Medicare
  • require the assistive technology to support a health need
  • require the assistive technology to remain independent at home
  • not be eligible for compensation or damages
  • not be eligible to receive assistive technology through any other government-funded program.

Providing assistance

The Aids and Equipment Program provides the most cost effective, clinically appropriate item of equipment (assistive technology). Examples of assistive technology provided by EnableNSW include manual wheelchairs, mobile shower commodes, hoists, speech generating devices, continence products and home enteral nutrition products.

There is eligibility criteria for each category of equipment.

Steps for receiving assistance:

  1. Assessment - Consumers are assessed by their clinician.
  2. Application - The consumer or their representative completes and submits an application form.
  3. Equipment Request - An Equipment Request Form (ERF) is completed by a clinician with the required qualification and experience in the prescription of the specific device. The ERF describes the consumer’s goal and clinical factors influencing the type of equipment requested.
  4. Review - EnableNSW reviews the information to assess whether the device can be provided within program guidelines.
  5. Approval or Decline – The consumer and their prescriber are notified in writing of the outcome.
  6. Purchase – As funding becomes available the device is purchased and supplied to the consumer.

Waiting periods

Requests are prioritised with consideration of the life sustaining nature of the device and impact on a person’s safety. EnableNSW strives to keep waiting times to a minimum for all priority groups.


There is a co-payment for accessing assistance through the Aids and Equipment Program.

The co-payment for adults on a pension or low income and for children under 16 years is $100 in each year that assistance is provided. For adults on higher incomes the copayment is 20% of the cost of the device.

For further information about co-payments please contact EnableNSW via email or telephone.

Maintenance and repairs

EnableNSW is responsible for maintenance and reasonable repairs to supplied devices. Please contact EnableNSW via email or telephone to arrange this.

Customer service

The EnableNSW team receives ongoing training to ensure they can provide the highest standard of service. Consumers can expect to receive clear and accessible information and to be treated with respect and dignity. EnableNSW ensures the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information.
We are always keen to hear your feedback, including any concerns or suggestions you might have. You can contact us by phone, email or post.

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