Prosthetic Limb Service

The EnableNSW Prosthetic Limb Service is responsible for funding the provision of artificial limbs to eligible people residing in NSW.

People requiring an artificial limb will consult with a clinical team consisting of a Rehabilitation Physician, Physiotherapist and Prosthetist to determine the most appropriate artificial limb for individual circumstances, within the guidelines of the scheme. These teams reside in clinics located across NSW.

Once a limb has been identified, the prescription is forwarded by the prosthetist to EnableNSW for processing. People with limb deficiency or amputation interested in seeking further information about the prosthetic limb service should discuss their query with a health care provider.

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There are a number of clinical services for the amputee that are recognised by the EnableNSW Prosthetic Limb Service. Prescribing is performed in accredited clinics located throughout NSW that provide optimum service to the amputee, ensuring a high quality of care.These clinics are linked with a rehabilitation service and provided by the NSW Health Local Health District responsible for these rehabilitation services.

EnableNSW accredited Amputee Clinics (PDF)

Prosthetic Limb Service Providers

Prosthetic Limb Services are provided on behalf of EnableNSW by seven commercial limb manufacturers, and two public prosthetic limb services which are each appointed to various amputee clinics in each Local Health District (LHD).

Each public amputee clinic has one primary Prosthetic Service Provider (PSP) which is responsible for the manufacture of all interim limbs in that area.

The appointed PSP will also assist with prescriptions for definitive and replacement limbs however consumers can then select which PSP they would like to manufacture their limb.

Services are provided to any eligible amputee.

These Service Providers are accredited by EnableNSW to ensure a high standard of quality service provision. (They interface with clinics, although not all service providers can attend all clinics).

For more information read the Accreditation Guidelines.

To apply for accreditation as a Prescriber for the Prosthetic Limb Service, send in a completed form to EnableNSW.

PLS Prescriber Eligibility Form (MS Word)

For the manufacture of definitive and replacement limbs, the supply of consumable products and for repairs, eligible amputees can choose any of these service providers, regardless of the clinic attended.

EnableNSW accredited Service Providers

Peer Support Program

EnableNSW supports and encourages the provision of a managed peer support program for people with amputation in NSW. For more information about training to become a peer-support volunteer, or to receive a peer-support visit, please contact Amputees NSW on 1800 810 969 or visit www.amputeesnsw.org.au.

Additional Information

PLS Equipment Request Forms (ERF) and Clinical Criteria