EnableNSW Online

Our team is currently working on an exciting online platform that will allow eligible EnableNSW prescribers the opportunity to submit their equipment requests online instead of using paper-based forms. The system, known as EnableNSW Online, will give users the flexibility to submit equipment requests at a time that suits them either by computer, smart phone or tablet.

As part of our 2020-2024 strategy, we are committed to improving the ease with which users can access and navigate services, and this online platform will be a fundamental piece in helping our team work more seamlessly with clinicians across NSW.

1. When will the system go live?

The system is expected to go live in the first half of 2023.

2. Will I have access to training material as well as tech support to help me set up my account and get started?

We will provide the right tools and resources to ensure your user experience from registering an account, to submitting your first request is as seamless as possible.

We will also have a dedicated pathway for technical support should you need it.

3. Can multiple clinicians collaborate on one request?

Our development team are currently looking into possible solutions and we will let you know the outcome of this.

We understand there may be situations where more than one clinician needs to contribute to a request, including senior clinicians who need to co-sign requests as per our funding criteria.

4. Can I transfer a request to a colleague if I am taking extended leave?

Our development team are currently looking into possible solutions and we will let you know the outcome of this.

In the meantime, please continue to advise the EnableNSW team via email and we will update details in the backend.

5. Will I have to fill out my details each time I make a request?

No, once you have registered your details in the system they will automatically be applied to each request you make. If your details change, you will be able to update them in your own time via your EnableNSW Online account.

6. Will I be able to print off a copy of the request from the system to provide to my client?

Yes, the system will allow you to print off requests to be shared or saved locally.

7. Will there be an option to attach documents to support the application?

Yes, the system will allow you to upload documentation to support a request.

8. Will clients be able to submit their applications via EnableNSW Online?

The first phase of this online platform is for clinicians only. Your client will need to continue submitting their applications in the usual way. Online applications are the preferred option.

9. How will I know if my client is eligible for support through EnableNSW?

You will be able to search for existing EnableNSW clients in the new system, and will have access to information about the program areas they are eligible to apply for.

If the person is new to EnableNSW, you can still submit the equipment request while waiting for the person to submit their application form at a later date.

10. For existing EnableNSW clients, will their information be populated in the system?

If the person has previously accessed EnableNSW and their information is current, this information will be populated.

If the person’s application is more than two years old, they will need to submit an updated form as per our usual process.

11. Will I be able to see my client’s previous applications even if I didn’t submit them?

The system will allow you to view any items that have been approved/delivered (under the relevant program) since August 2020.

12. Will items outside of the stock range area be available in this new system?

Stock, contract and quoted items will be available to order through the online system.  

Eligible EnableNSW clinicians in NSW will be invited to use this system regardless of the area they work in or the equipment they prescribe.

*Please see question 14 for programs/services that are out of scope.

13. Will I be able to place consumable reorders or request equipment repairs through the new system?

The first phase of this online platform will not include reorders (continence, home enteral nutrition and respiratory consumables) or equipment repairs.

We will let you know when development work for this is due to commence and provide opportunities for you to submit your ideas to us.

14. What programs/pathways will be out of scope for EnableNSW Online?

In addition to reorders and equipment repairs, Consideration of Exceptional Circumstances (COEC), SASH Home Modifications Program and Away from Home Haemodialysis will also be out of scope. For these programs/services, you will need to follow the existing pathways.

15. Will I be required to sign my requests electronically?

Once you have completed the equipment request, you will be asked to read the prescriber declaration and click on the checkbox to let us know you agree.