Away From Home Haemodialysis

What is not covered under the AFHH Program?

  • Transport, accommodation and costs associated with travel to and from the dialysis unit are not covered.
  • Haemodiafiltration (HDF) dialysis.
  • Nocturnal dialysis sessions that may incur added costs
  • Any costs incurred from admission to a private hospital or from being seen by a private nephrologist.
  • All medication relating to the treatment of renal disease.

How many sessions can I access through the program?

If you are eligible for the program you may access up to three (3) sessions per year at a participating private dialysis unit. The three sessions can be at the same unit or at different participating units.

If you need more than three sessions, approval by our team is required. These requests are considered on a case by case basis and will depend on the availability at the time. You can discuss your individual situation with us by calling 1800 362 253 (option 6) or email to HSNSW-Enabledialysis@health.nsw.gov.au.

How do I know if I am eligible for the program?

Use the AFHH eligibility checker to see if you may be eligible for this program.

How long do I have to be on dialysis treatment before I can apply to the program?

It is important you are on dialysis for a minimum of three (3) months. Please use the AFHH eligibility checker to determine if your individual situation meets the eligibility criteria before you apply.

How much will the sessions cost me?

There are no out of pocket expenses for three sessions, however they are subject to availability and bookings will need to be made to guarantee sessions.

All other expenses related to travel, accommodation or medication needed during your treatment will not be covered.

If I pay for my own sessions, can I claim the money back?

It is important to know the AFHH program is not a rebate scheme. You need to meet the eligibility requirements and apply for assistance before you travel.

I have private health insurance, do you need to know?

Some private health policies do cover the cost of haemodialysis. If you wish to use your private health insurance, this is a separate arrangement and you will need to make your claim through your health insurer through the usual way.

How do I register and book sessions?

You will need to complete a registration form or call our team on 1800 362 253 (option 6) and they will guide you through the process. The registration form will ask you to nominate your preferred dates and the clinic you will be attending.

When you have registered, your information will be sent to your preferred dialysis unit. They will contact you directly to confirm availability and discuss any options available to you. Your request will then be sent to our team for final approval. You will receive an email or letter from us telling you the outcome.

It is important to know the dialysis unit you will be going to will need paperwork including recent blood results or a letter from your usual dialysis unit. Please ensure you are ready to send these to avoid any delays.

How do I book an urgent session because of an emergency?

If you need our team to arrange urgent dialysis sessions for you, please call us on 1800 362 253 (option 6) or email HSNSW-Enabledialysis@health.nsw.gov.au. Our team will discuss your situation with you and make every effort to accommodate you at short notice, however your request cannot be guaranteed.

Can you book sessions in advance?

Yes. You can book your sessions up to three (3) months in advance, however it’s best to check with the renal unit you intend to have your treatment at to ensure they have the dates you need.

What if my plans change and I need to amend my booking?

It is important to know that once a booking is approved, it will remain in place unless your situation changes. If you can no longer meet the dialysis units clinical criteria, the booking will be cancelled. It is important that you tell us as soon as you can if there any changes in your situation (at least one week before your scheduled appointment), including changes to your health. This will allow us enough time to cancel or postpone the booking.

What happens if I miss a session?

If you miss a session and you did not let our team know, unfortunately this will count toward your annual three sessions.

If you know you need to miss a session because of changes in your circumstances, tell our team as soon as you can and we will try and postpone your session where we can.

If I do not use the sessions each year, can I save them for the following year?

No, you cannot accrue sessions.

Will NDIS cover the cost of the program?

If you are under 65 and a confirmed participant of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), please speak to your NDIS planner or support coordinator to check if this is covered in your plan.

Can you tell me where the participating dialysis units are located?


  • Cairns Private Hospital Renal Dialysis Unit - Cairns
  • Chermside Dialysis Clinic - Chermisde
  • Gold Coast Private Hospital – Southport
  • Henry Dalziel VC Dialysis Centre Greenslopes Private Hospital – Greenslopes
  • John Flynn Private Hospital – Tugun
  • Noosa Heads Private Hospital – Noosaville
  • Northlakes Dialysis Clinic – Northlakes
  • St Andrews Toowoomba Dialysis Clinic – Rockville
  • The Wesley Hospital Brisbane – Auchenflower

New South Wales

  • Lindfield Renal Care Centre – Lindfield
  • Mater Dialysis Unit – Crow’s Nest
  • Mayo Private Dialysis Unit – Taree
  • Newcastle Dialysis Clinic – Newcastle West
  • Port Macquarie Private Hospital – Port Macquarie
  • St. Vincent’s Private Renal Unit – East Lismore


  • Yorke Dialysis Clinic – Yorke


  • Diamond Valley Renal Care Centre – Greensborough
  • Epworth HealthCare - Dialysis Unit – Box Hill
  • Forest Hill Dialysis Unit – Forest Hill
  • Malvern Dialysis Clinic – Malvern
  • North Melbourne Renal Care Centre – North Melbourne
  • Sunshine Dialysis Unit – St Albans

South Australia

  • Brighton Dialysis Clinic – Hove
  • Payneham Dialysis Clinic – Payneham

Western Australia

  • Cannington Dialysis Clinic – Cannington
  • Kununurra Dialysis Unit – Kununurra
  • Midland Dialysis Clinic – Midland
  • Rockingham Dialysis Clinic – Rockingham
  • Spearwood Dialysis Clinic - Spearwood
  • Stirling Dialysis Clinic – Stirling

Do you cover renal units outside of Australia?

No. The program only covers a select number of participating renal units across Australia. Please refer to the previous question for a full list.

What are my options if my preferred unit cannot accommodate my proposed travel dates?

You will need to have this discussion with your current dialysis unit, who may be able to assist you.

Where can I find more information?

We encourage you to speak to your usual dialysis units about your situation and what options are available to you.

If you have checked your eligibility for the AFHH program and you would like to apply for assistance, our team can help you understand the eligibility requirements of this program as well as the registration process.

Phone: 1800 362 253 (option 6)

Email: HSNSW-Enabledialysis@health.nsw.gov.au

Your feedback is important to us

This is an important program and we are always looking for ways to improve. Use this feedback form to give us any feedback about your experience with us and/or using this program.