Home Respiratory Program

The Home Respiratory Program (HRP) includes:

Home Respiratory Program (HRP)

The HRP provides respiratory equipment including oxygen concentrators, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines, ventilators and respiratory consumables such as tracheostomy tubes to eligible people to manage their respiratory condition and maximise their independence in their own home.

NSW Home Ventilation Program (HVP)

The HVP offers assistance to adults and children who are dependant on mechanical ventilation, who have significant care needs and can be safely cared for in a community setting. It provides funding for prescribed mechanical ventilation equipment, associated respiratory products and some hours of personal care attendant to assist families to care for their family member at home. The HVP includes the following 2 programs:

  1. Children's Home Ventilation Program (CHVP) provides assistance to children and adolescents between 1 - 16 years who require mechanical ventilation for more than 12 hours per day. To access the program children must be medically stable, able to be safely managed in the community and able to benefit from being discharged from hospital.
  2. Adult Home Ventilation Program (AHVP) provides assistance to adults who are quadriplegic, require mechanical ventilation 24 hours per day, are medically stable and assessed as suitable for discharge from hospital.

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