Home Ventilation Program

The Home Ventilation Program (HVP) provides funding assistance for adults and children who are dependent on mechanical ventilation and have significant care needs to leave hospital and be safely cared for at home.

Who is eligible?

  • Adults who have a spinal cord injury, who need life-support respiratory equipment more than 16 hours per day through a tracheostomy, whose condition is stable and not deteriorating, and who can be safely cared for at home by trained attendant carers.
  • Children (1 to 16 years) who require respiratory support, equipment and tracheostomy, whose condition is stable, and can be safely care for at home by trained attendant carers.
  • Adults and children who have not received compensation.

What is available through the program?

  • Mechanical ventilators and associated respiratory equipment, such as humidifiers, suction units and tracheostomy tubes.
  • Repairs and maintenance of the equipment provided.
  • Attendant care services up to 12 hours overnight for children and up to 21 hours for adults.
  • Appointment of a community care coordinator, nominated by your Local Health District (LHD), to assist with any concerns once you are settled at home.

How do I apply?

  • The hospital specialist team is responsible for making an application to EnableNSW on your behalf - application packages are available by contacting our Respiratory Advisors on 1800 362 253.
  • EnableNSW assesses the application against the program criteria and will inform you (and your care team) of the outcome of your application.

How is my care organised?

  • The hospital specialist team confirms the hours of care you require at home, including your specific care needs.
  • EnableNSW, together with a member of your hospital team and the LHD care coordinator, appoints a care provider using a NSW Government Contract.
  • EnableNSW only contracts accredited care providers i.e. one who is accredited to provide care for a person with complex care needs, including management of your ventilation and your tracheostomy.
  • Each year, your LHD care coordinator will arrange a review of your services including a review of your care plan and ventilation requirements to make sure that you can continue to be safely cared for at home.

Can I choose my care team?

Yes, the contracted care provider will meet with you to understand your carer preferences and you can actively participate in the selection of your care team.

Will introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) change what is funded or provided by EnableNSW?

Your care funded under the HVP program will continue as normal. EnableNSW will continue to provide oversight of the HVP, including working with your care provider, Local Health District and clinical team for annual reviews.

We recommend supports received over and above the program care hours from any other agency (including funding for respite care or additional hours of attendant care) be considered in your NDIS Plan.

Respiratory equipment and consumables currently provided through EnableNSW are not covered by the NDIS, and will continue to be funded and provided to you directly by us. We will also continue to provide repairs and maintenance of respiratory equipment issued by EnableNSW.


If you have any concerns about your care, please contact your LHD community care coordinator.

For more information

Contact EnableNSW for more information.