An introduction to EnableNSW

About us

EnableNSW provides assistive technology and related services to people in NSW with specific, short term or ongoing health needs to assist them to live safely at home.

Each year we:

  • receive referrals from 3,500 prescribers
  • provide over 20,000 items to assist people with mobility, communication and self-care
  • coordinate around 3,500 equipment repair and maintenance requests.

We engage with prescribers and suppliers to ensure that the most clinically appropriate and cost effective assistive technology is provided in a fair and consistent manner to people across NSW.

About our programs and services

EnableNSW provides a range of services, with our main programs being:

Aids and Equipment Program

Provides aids and equipment required to help people with ongoing health needs to perform functional activities in their home and community.

Prosthetic Limb Service

Provides prosthetic limbs through our accredited clinics.

Home Respiratory Program

Provides equipment to help people manage their respiratory condition and maximise independence in their own home.

Away From Home Haemodialysis Program

Provides haemodialysis sessions in specified private units within Australia and New Zealand, supporting people who require regular haemodialysis while travelling


To be eligible for assistance from EnableNSW, applicants must:

  • be residing in NSW or Lord Howe Island
  • be enrolled with Medicare
  • require the assistive technology to support a health need
  • require the assistive technology to remain independent at home
  • not be eligible for compensation or damages
  • not be eligible to receive assistive technology through any other government-funded program.

In exceptional circumstances, discretion may be exercised by the Manager, EnableNSW to approve an application that otherwise does not meet the eligibility criteria. Prescribers should call EnableNSW in the first instance to discuss a person’s exceptional circumstances.

Requesting assistance

Requesting assistance through EnableNSW involves the submission of an application form (completed by the applicant or their representative) and an equipment request form (completed by a clinician). More information about the application process including application forms, categories of equipment provided and prescriber eligibility is available on this website.

Requests are prioritised with consideration of the life sustaining nature of the device and impact on a person’s safety.


There is a co-payment for accessing most services through EnableNSW. The co-payment for adults on a pension or low income and for children under 16 years is $100 in each year that assistance is provided. For adults on higher incomes the co-payment is 20 per cent of the cost of the device.

Maintenance and repairs

EnableNSW is responsible for maintenance and reasonable repairs to all supplied equipment. Please contact EnableNSW via email or phone to arrange this.


You are legally required to advise us if you receive compensation in relation to your health condition or disability. If you are planning to file for compensation you should also let us know. This will not prevent you from receiving assistance however you may be required to reimburse EnableNSW if your claim is successful.

Improving our service

We are always keen to hear your feedback, including any concerns or suggestions you might have. You can contact us by phone, email or post.

Isolated Patients Travel and Accommodation Assistance Scheme

EnableNSW is also responsible for the state-wide administration of the Isolated Patients Travel and Accommodation Assistance Scheme, or IPTAAS. The scheme provides a subsidy to help with travel and accommodation costs for people in rural and regional areas needing to travel to access specialist medical treatment or allied health services. Additional information about IPTAAS, including eligibility for the scheme, is available directly from IPTAAS website or by calling 1800 478 227.