Aids and Equipment Program - Moving interstate

This information sheet provides guidance about maintaining access to aids and equipment when moving or travelling interstate. There are some differences between the aids and equipment schemes in each state and territory. It’s important to plan ahead to ensure your needs will be met.

What aids and equipment can I take with me when I move?

In most cases, you will be able to take your aids and equipment with you when you move interstate. You should contact EnableNSW as soon as possible to confirm what you can take. Any removal costs remain your responsibility.

EnableNSW can assist you to make arrangements for the transfer of any outstanding requests to your new scheme. We will require your permission to do so, please contact us first as you will need to complete a release of information.

Once you move, the guidelines of the new equipment scheme will apply, including equipment available and any co-payments, eligibility, prioritisation and waiting list conditions.

If some of your equipment cannot be taken in the move or will not be suitable in your new home, you may need to make arrangements to hire or borrow items that you need in the interim.

What about regular supplies of other products? Can I get them from the new scheme?

It’s important to contact your new equipment scheme about the items they will provide, such as continence, Home Enteral Nutrition and respiratory products. They will also be able to advise on the amounts provided and any other funding schemes that may be applicable to you.

I’m on a waiting list for equipment funding, what will happen when I move?

If you are currently on a waiting list for equipment funding, your new equipment scheme will consider the date you went on the waiting list, provided that equipment is available through their scheme. EnableNSW can assist to make arrangements for the transfer of any pending requests, including the lodge date to your new scheme. We will require your permission to do so, please contact us first as you will need to complete a release of information.
The new equipment scheme will then advise you about availability of equipment and whether you will need a new prescription.

Will an interstate scheme take over the repairs and maintenance of my equipment?

Contact the equipment scheme in your new state/territory for information about local repairs and maintenance. Before providing you with advice, they may require some documentation from EnableNSW, such as warranty details, equipment age and repair history. They will then assess the serviceability of your equipment in your new location.

In some cases you may need to apply for a new item. If this is the case, they will provide you with information about how to do this.

What should I do with equipment I am not taking?

Contact EnableNSW before you move to make arrangements to return or dispose of unwanted items.

I am eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme in NSW, will my future equipment scheme recognise my eligibility?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a federal scheme, which means your eligibility is transferrable between all states and territories in Australia. If you are under 65 and eligible for the NDIS in NSW, please speak with your NDIS planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) before moving interstate to ensure you have the right information.

Travelling interstate

In most cases you can take your equipment with you when you travel interstate on holidays or when visiting for other reasons. If you have any doubts about your specific equipment or are concerned that a repair may be needed, contact EnableNSW well before you leave for advice.

It is important to know EnableNSW will not cover the costs of any repairs while you are travelling interstate. We encourage you to look at the repairers available in the area you are visiting before you travel. Any costs associated with repairs outside of NSW will be at your own expense.

Further information

Contact details for primary state and territory aids and equipment schemes are listed below:

State Contact details

Australian Capital Territory

ACT Equipment Scheme (ACTES)
Phone: 02 6207 0658
Email: ACTES@act.gov.au

New South Wales

Phone: 1800 362 253

Northern Territory

Disability Equipment Program (DEP)
Phone: 1800 139 656

South Australia

Domiciliary Equipment Service (DES)
Phone: 1300 295 786


Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS)
Phone: 1300 443 570


Community Equipment Scheme (CES)
Phone: 1300 135 513


State Wide Equipment Program (SWEP)
Phone: 1300 747 937

Western Australia

Community Aids and Equipment Program (CAEP)
Phone: 1800 998 214