Your feedback has helped us improve our Footwear (FW) and Orthoses form

Published: 28 Jul 2021

Since our last update to the form in April 2021, we have received some really important feedback from our prescribers. Because of this, we have included a new question at section 2(a) on the Footwear & Orthoses Equipment Request Form (ERF). This additional question will allow eligible prescribers the opportunity to describe how a person’s clinical condition affects their function. We anticipate this important clinical information will likely reduce the amount of times we need to contact you about a request.

Additionally we have also made a few formatting changes to improve usability of the form. You can find the latest version of the here - Footwear & Orthoses Equipment Request Form.

To ensure we can process your request in a timely way, please ensure you are always accessing the latest forms and funding criteria from our website and delete all locally saved copies.

Thank you to our valued prescribers who continue to provide valuable feedback to help us improve our service and user experience.

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