Appealing a decision of EnableNSW

If a person believes that EnableNSW has incorrectly declined their application for assistance, either partially or fully, they may contact EnableNSW to discuss and clarify the reasons for the decision.

If after doing this, a person still feels the decision is incorrect or their circumstances have changed, they may request that the decision is reviewed by completing an Appeal Request form

Appeal Request Form (MS Word)

This may also be submitted by their nominated representative (such as a family member or the prescribing clinician).

Appeals for equipment outside EnableNSW Guidelines will not be considered.

Health Care Complaints Commission

If a consumer is unhappy with the outcome of an appeal, there are outside agencies that may be able to help. These include the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) and the NSW Ombudsman.

The HCCC handles complaints about health care providers and health care services in NSW. It is independent of the public health system, and can deal with complaints about the provision of or access to a health care service. Contact 1800 043 159.

The NSW Ombudsman handles complaints about the administrative conduct of NSW government agencies. In relation to EnableNSW, this could include the adequacy of the processes used to consider an application for aids and equipment, and how a complaint had been dealt with by EnableNSW. Contact 9286 1000 or toll free if outside Sydney 1800 451 524.