EnableNSW provides equipment and services to people in NSW with chronic health conditions or disability to assist them with mobility, communication and self-care.

What's New

Is your NDIS plan ready for 24 December 2019?

If you are under 65, living with a permanent or significant disability and you currently access EnableNSW for your repairs or prosthetic limb supports, it’s time to move to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Please note, this change does not apply to people with respiratory equipment, and you should continue to interact with us in the usual way.

From 24 December 2019, all your requests for repairs and your prosthetic needs should be funded from your NDIS plan. If you need a repair on your limb or equipment after 24 December 2019, you should call your preferred repairer or prosthetic provider. A list of registered providers can be found on our website or the NDIS website.

You need to ensure you have the right level of NDIS funds in your plan to cover your repairs. Speak with your Support Coordinator or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) if you feel unsure about this. The NDIS website has some helpful information about plan approvals and what you can do if you are not happy with your current level of funding

If you haven’t already become an NDIS participant – make your access request to the NDIS now.

Note: After 24 December EnableNSW remains a registered provider to the NDIA for specialist services through our Albury and Hunter Prosthetic and Orthotic Services.

To learn more about this change, please visit the NDIS page on our website.

A wider range of manual wheelchairs now available statewide

As part of a growing range of available equipment in stock, the EnableNSW equipment centre now includes two (2) lightweight models. To find out more about these items and to view the entire stock range, please visit the equipment in stock page.

Updated Application Form now available

Our application form has recently been updated, with some important changes to help us assess your eligibility. An application form should be completed if you are applying to EnableNSW for the first time and at least once every two years to ensure your information is up to date. When needed, please access the form directly from our website to ensure you are using the correct version and to avoid any unnecessary delays. EnableNSW Application Form

Portable scooter now available for statewide delivery

Our scooter range has been extended to include a portable model for people who require a scooter for outdoor or community access. The scooter has been designed for maximum portability and can be dismantled and transported in the boot of a car. When dismantled, the heaviest section of the scooter weighs 15kg. To find out more about this scooter and other items available in stock, please visit the equipment in stock page.