Welcome to EnableNSW, NSW Health's statewide disability support service.

For Individuals

EnableNSW provides aids and equipment such as wheelchairs, ventilators, prosthetic limbs and consumable items for people living with disability or chronic health conditions. We also provide assistance for people who need to travel significant distances for specialist medical care.


For Prescribers

We provide clinical advice and guidelines on what can be provided by us for your consumers.


For Suppliers

   We provide information on doing business with us, our processes and requirements, to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership and successful outcomes for our consumers.


Customer Satisfaction Survey

Recently consumers have contacted us expressing concern and some confusion after being approached to complete a survey titled 'EnableNSW Survey'. This survey is not distributed or endorsed by EnableNSW. Roy Morgan Research conducted an independent Customer Satisfaction Survey for EnableNSW in 2012.

The results of the Roy Morgan Survey can be found here: Customer Satisfaction Survey 2012.

EnableNSW welcomes your feedback at all times. Contact us to provide feedback.

EnableNSW Prescriber Survey

EnableNSW conducted a survey with prescribers / clinicians in Local Health Districts (LHDs), Government and Non-Government Organisations to determine their experiences, understanding and knowledge of EnableNSW and its processes.  It was anticipated that the results of the survey would assist in directing future prescriber engagement strategies and service improvements.

1,089 respondents fully completed the survey representing all LHDs (725); FACS (127); 21 NGOs (147); and private practice (155). Occupational therapists were the most represented profession.

The survey results have provided valuable feedback for EnableNSW to inform the method and topics for prescriber education and training; resource development; and future service improvements.

The prescriber survey results can be found here: Prescriber Survey Report 2013.

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