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  • EnableNSW will undergo an audit by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission

    As a registered provider to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), EnableNSW will undergo an audit by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. To ensure we meet our compliance requirements, we have engaged the services of an independent auditor, BSI group.

    If you are a NDIS participant and have engaged EnableNSW as your service provider, the auditor may wish to speak to you about your experiences with us. This could include your experience in lodging repairs or placing an order for your continence items.

    The auditor cannot contact you until we have given them permission to do so. For this to happen, a member of our EnableNSW customer service team may call you to ask your permission to share your contact details with them.

    Sharing your experience with the auditor is voluntary and you may opt out at any time. Please be reassured we will not share any contact details with the auditor without your consent. More information about the auditor can be found by visiting

  • A wider range of manual wheelchairs now available statewide

    As part of a growing range of available equipment in stock, the EnableNSW equipment centre now includes two (2) lightweight models. To find out more about these items and to view the entire stock range, please visit the equipment in stock page.

  • Updated Application Form now available

    Our application form has recently been updated, with some important changes to help us assess your eligibility. An application form should be completed if you are applying to EnableNSW for the first time and at least once every two years to ensure your information is up to date. When needed, please access the form directly from our website to ensure you are using the correct version and to avoid any unnecessary delays.

    EnableNSW Application Form

  • Portable scooter now available for statewide delivery

    Our scooter range has been extended to include a portable model for people who require a scooter for outdoor or community access. The scooter has been designed for maximum portability and can be dismantled and transported in the boot of a car. When dismantled, the heaviest section of the scooter weighs 15kg. To find out more about this scooter and other items available in stock, please visit the equipment in stock page.

  • Updated continence forms now available

    Our continence funding criteria, equipment request form (ERF) and quick reference guide (QRG) have recently been updated. It is now easier to search for standard catheters and non-standard catheters in the QRG. Section three (3) of the ERF gives you opportunity to provide clinical justification where the catheter preference is non-standard. To access these forms see the continence page.