Frequently asked questions

Who completes the repair?

EnableNSW uses authorised equipment suppliers to complete repairs. Wherever possible, we issue the repair job to the original supplier to ensure that the warranty is not voided and the repairer has the necessary skill and knowledge to repair the item. If the original supplier cannot attend the repair, we will use one of our authorised repairers.

What repairs are not provided by EnableNSW?

  • Repairs that are a result of misuse or neglect including repeated impact damage
  • Repairs that have not been approved (except in emergency situations)
  • Repairs on privately owned equipment (unless adopted by EnableNSW)
  • Replacement of lost equipment
  • Repairs on self-funded upgraded features or modified equipment

How quickly will the repair occur?

  • ­Repairs are assessed so that urgent repairs are completed first
  • The repairer should contact you within 24 hours to arrange a time to complete the repair
  • Repairers make every effort to complete repairs at the first visit
  • High cost repairs will require approval from EnableNSW before repairs can be completed. Your repairer may call EnableNSW whilst visiting you to avoid delays. This will be reviewed by EnableNSW as soon as possible
  • It is important to know there may be waiting times for the supply of parts

What happens if my equipment breaks down while I’m not at home?

­If your equipment breaks down anywhere in NSW, we will arrange for an authorised repairer to come to you. Any repairs outside of NSW will be at your own cost.

What do I do if my equipment breaks down after hours or on the weekend?

In an emergency situation (if your equipment does not work and you cannot reasonably wait until business hours) you may contact one of our authorised repairers directly to arrange the repair. Please contact EnableNSW the next business day so the repair approval can be arranged.

What are my repair options when I need to travel?

In most cases you can take your equipment with you when you travel, and a repair can be organised for you if you are travelling within NSW. It is important to remember to plan ahead by making contact with authorised repairers in the area you are visiting before you leave.

Any costs associated with repairs outside of NSW will be at your own expense.

If you have any concerns about your specific equipment or you think a repair may be needed, contact EnableNSW well before you leave for advice.

What happens when the equipment is no longer repairable?

If it is more economical to supply a new item rather than repair an existing item, a request for a new item is required and a prescriber may need to be involved. It is important to know EnableNSW does not provide loan equipment.

We recommend speaking with your healthcare provider to discuss your options, including options for hire.

Will EnableNSW pay for repairs to equipment I purchased myself?

You can apply for private or charity funded equipment to be ‘adopted’ by EnableNSW to pay for ongoing repair and maintenance costs. To do this, an eligible prescriber will need to submit an Equipment Request Form addressing the funding criteria. The request must clearly state the request is for ‘adoption’ and not for funding of new equipment. To ensure we can assess the request, we will require some information about the equipment, including age, condition and the original quotation where available. We will then make a decision at our own discretion and let you know the outcome.

Will EnableNSW replace my equipment if it is lost or damaged?

If an item is stolen or damaged (e.g. by fire, natural disaster, car accident) a police report will need to be completed. Please contact our team as soon as possible after the incident and we will try to repair or replace the item as soon as possible provided that reasonable care was taken of the item.

EnableNSW does not replace lost equipment.

It is important that you take every reasonable step to care for your equipment, ensuring it is protected from environmental factors (such as rain) and located in a safe place.