Rights and Responsibilities of Consumers

Rights of Consumers of EnableNSW Services


The right to be treated with respect and dignity.


The right to be given clear and accessible information about the EnableNSW services, including the eligibility criteria and copayments, assistance options available, and administrative processes.


The right to be included in decisions regarding what assistance will be provided and to be consulted about any changes in the way that assistance is provided.


The right to privacy and confidentiality regarding personal information held by EnableNSW.


The right to be given clear information about how to provide feedback and the right to have any concerns addressed in a timely and courteous manner without fear of discrimination.

This includes the right to be given information about how to appeal any decisions made regarding their application or requests for assistance.

Responsibilities of Consumers of EnableNSW Services

  • To provide the information required to accurately assess applications for assistance.
  • To accept that the available assistive technology device to meet their assessed needs may be recycled rather than new.
  • To notify the EnableNSW Service Centre of a change of address or residential status.
  • To meet the freight costs involved in taking any assistive technology items interstate once transfer of ownership has been determined.
  • To notify the EnableNSW Service Centre of any change to financial circumstances that may affect their eligibility for assistance from EnableNSW or alter their status in relation to the making of a co-payment.
  • To properly care for devices received and to notify the EnableNSW Service Centre if repairs or maintenance are needed.
  • To fund the full cost of repairs if these result from wilful neglect or damage.
  • To agree to reimburse EnableNSW for the cost of assistive technology devices provided (including the cost of any repairs and maintenance) in the event that a compensation claim results in a settlement relating to the disability for which devices were issued.